Writing literature for a social group

Andrew McMillan is a young British homosexual man. He writes about this reality and is part of a tradition that in the past century has been an important mouthpiece for the male segment of the queer movement. Tishani Doshi is writing a work about gender-based violence in India. Her poem Girls are coming out of the woods is read as a manifesto for the voiceless women who are subjected to sexual assault. They are found at all levels of Indian society and both rich and poor women face social challenges that have caused them to remain silent, up until now. Salma, who is a Tamil poet and prose author, depicts women from the Tamil minority in southern India. All these authors write for a group to which they personally belong. For a community. Meet them in conversation with host Ane Dorte Lunås.

When:Friday 2. June at 15:00
Where:Café Stift
Price:120 kr
Info:The conversation will be in English


Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan’s first book of poetry, Fysical, was published  in 2016. He is one of the sharpest poetic voice in England, at the moment. More >

Tishani Doshi

Tishani Doshi ia a poet, essayist and dancer.  She is one of the most important English-language, Indian poets of her time. At the festival she will present her poem Girls, which deals with sexualised violence against women in India More >


Rokkiah Begum alias Rajathi Salma (born 1968) is an Indian Muslim author, columnist, social worker and speaker. Rajathi Salma is now a celebrated Tamil writer, her novel The Hours Past Midnight has been long-listed for the Man Asian Booker Prize. More >

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