Cartooning Syria

Syria has been a war zone for more than five years and was formerly a dictatorship of the worst kind. Political artists have lived with censorship and threats, and for many artists exile has been the only option. The exhibition, Cartooning Syria, explores the artistic boundaries of freedom of expression and presents political comic strips and drawings by more than 20 Syrian artists. The exhibition will be opened by the President of the Norwegian Parliament, Olemic Thommesen.

When:Wednesday 31. May at 16:30
Where:Kulturhuset Banken, Ekspedisjonen
Info:In collaboration with ICORN. PEN International. Norwegian PEN and Lillehammer Municipality
Info:The opening will be in English


Olemic Thommesen

Olemic Thommesen er  er en norsk advokat og politiker fra Lillehammer. Thommessen har vært medlem av Stortingets familie- og kulturkomité og fungert som Høyres kulturpolitiske talsmann. More >

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