The Bjørnson lecture

Kamila Shamsie: You couldn’t make this up

In a world in which the phrase ‘you couldn’t make this up’ is increasingly on people’s lips as an expression of despair, what is the role of the imagination? Has the reality in which we find ourselves made the novel irrelevant, outdated or, at best, a form of escapism? And what responsibility do writers bear for their silences, complicity, or unseeing over the course of our increasingly bleak century? 

Introduction by Laila Bokhari and Salil Tripati.

When:Thursday 1. June at 10:00
Price:120 kr
Info:In collaboration with PEN International. ICORN. Høyskolen i Innlandet. Nansenskolen og Lillehammer museum
Info:The lecture will be in English


Kamila Shamsie

Kamila Shamsie is the author of six novels: In the City by the Sea; Kartography (both shortlisted for the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize); Salt and Saffron; Broken Verses; Burnt Shadows (shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction) and, most recently, A God in Every Stone, which was shortlisted for the Baileys Prize, the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction and the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. Three of her novels have received awards from Pakistan’s Academy of Letters. More >

Laila Bokhari

Laila Bokhari (f. 1974 i England) er statsviter og forfatter, oppvokst på Lillehammer. Hun har bakgrunn som terrorforsker og diplomat og har jobbet på FFI, NUPI, UD, FN og satt som medlem av 22.juli-kommisjonen. Hun har utgitt boken Hellig Vrede. Min reise gjennom Pakistan og kom nylig ut med boken Arven fra Far. Fillerya som ble en stor skole. More >

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