The Iranian new wave poetry’s father

Yadollah Royaee is an Iranian author of great significance living in exile in Paris. His texts have played a key role in the evolution of Iranian poetry in recent decades. As one of the pioneers within Iranian new wave poetry, he has had a strong influence on the poetic practice of Iran and far beyond the country’s borders. His poems are influenced by French symbolism and Persian mysticism. Royaee in conversation with translator and poet Erling Kittelsen.

When:Friday 2. June at 11:00
Where:Café Stift
Price:120 kr
Info:The conversation will be interpreted between Norwegian and Persian


Yadollah Royaee

Yadollah Royaee (1932) was born in Iran. He started to write poems at an early age. His political engagement made life difficult, and after beeing imprisoned he fled to Paris, where he has lived for the last 30 years. His voice is sentral in the new wave of Iranian poetry. More >

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