Animals and monsters

Family day at Maihaugen!

Bring along the entire family and experience a day full of performances, dance and workshops! Tor Åge Bringsværd, the author behind popular favourite characters such as Tambar, Ruffen, and Karsten and Petra, will give a reading and tell us about his new series The Stray Cat (Katt på ville veier). The sly foxes Mikkel & Reverockerne are known for filching the lyrics of well-known children’s songs, and invite all children to a proper rock concert at Dansarvollen. There will be a hobby horse race, face painting and the chance to meet with Maihaugen’s own animals. Svein Nyhus will draw and speak about animals with wings.

There will also be dance, theatre and song from the cultural schools Fron kulturskole, Gausdal kulturskole and Lillehammer kulturskole, who will perform, among other numbers, titbits from The Little Goat who Counted to Ten (Geitekillingen som kunne telle til ti).

When:Sunday 4. June at 12:00
Info:For the entire family
Info:Free of charge with Festival Pass
Info:In collaboration with Maihaugen and Teater Leven
Info:Standard ticket to Maihaugen


Tor Åge Bringsværd

This much loved and award winning author is probably best known for his children’s books about ‘Ruffen’ and ‘Karsten + Petra’, but he writes for both children and adults.  The last year he has been preoccupied with cats, and comes to the festival with tales about our feline friends, for both young and old.


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Svein Nyhus

Svein Nyhus is a Norwegian illustrator and children’s book author.  He was born in Tønsberg. He has produced many books, both weird and serious, with and without his better half, author Gro Dahle. He has also illustrated the work of André Bjerke and Märtha Louise. The winner of numerous literary prizes, he has been translated into various languages. More >

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