The phenomenon The Moth

Joshua Wolf Shenk is one of the creators responsible for the famous story-telling podcast The Moth, on which ordinary people tell their stories. As it turns out, these everyday stories have hit home with many listeners. The programme has 500,000 separate weekly downloads and is syndicated on 400 unique radio stations which, combined, constitute 1,000,000 listeners per broadcast. Gradually, as the programme has evolved, some of the USA’s most well-known authors, comedians, journalists and actors have been featured. Meet Joshua Wolf Shenk in conversation with Askild Matre Aasarød.

When:Wednesday 31. May at 11:00
Where:Elephant Kunsthall
Price:120 kr
Info:Changed from Friday to Wednesday
Info:The conversation will be in English


Askild Matre Aasarød

Askild Matre Aasaræd is a digital journalist from the weekly newspaper, Morgenbladet, as well as being the voice of the paper’s podcast.  Aasarød previously worked for the documentary magazine, Plot,  and for NRK radio, Klassekampen and =Oslo. More >

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