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Writing in English is not just writing in English. In all its incarnations, language is shaped by disposition, culture and tradition. In spite of a shared literary history, there is  no consensus regarding what constitutes poetic language. Due to its enormous promulgation in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, the English language has functioned very differently for many people and the use of language invokes different symbolic values. We have arranged an Indian-British-American poetry meeting with readings by and conversation between Andrew McMillan, Tishani Doshi, Jerry Pinto and John Freeman.

When:Thursday 1. June at 22:00
Where:Teltet på Stortorget
Price:120 kr
Info:The programme event will be in English


Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan’s first book of poetry, Fysical, was published  in 2016. He is one of the sharpest poetic voice in England, at the moment. More >

Tishani Doshi

Tishani Doshi ia a poet, essayist and dancer.  She is one of the most important English-language, Indian poets of her time. At the festival she will present her poem Girls, which deals with sexualised violence against women in India More >

Jerry Pinto

Jerry Pinto is a poet, novelist and journalist living in Mumbai. His latest book EM and the big HOOM, is about growing up in Goa as a catholic with a mentally ill mother. Amithav Ghosh wrote about the book: “Em and The Big Hoom is a profoundly moving book: I cannot remember when I last read something as touching as this.” Jerry Pinto will stay at Bjærkebek in May, and he will have a leading role during the festival.     More >

John Freeman

John Freeman is a poet, editor and critic. He was the Literary Editor of Granta and now has his own magazine, Freeman’s Own, which publishes new work from some of the worlds leading poets and authors. More >

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