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In the short story “Without Borders” (“Grenseløst”) from 2006, Hans Herbjørnsrud writes about a border dispute that intensifies and escalates. This concrete example of literature’s threatening resilience also says something about its strength. There is a lot of talk about who is affected by literature, but we have a tendency to forget that not all autobiographical fiction is driven by pain, grief or anger; the genre is just as often about identity, self-deprecation and experience, lending it seriousness and weight. It can bring people together and it can shed light upon important themes. That is what will happen when we have the queen of American short prose, Lydia Davis, with us on the screen from New York, in a conversation that starts with the subject of Herbjørnsrud’s short story. The conversation is moderated by Ane Farsethås, and literature’s boundlessness sets the tone for the evening’s star-studded programme.   

If there is one Norwegian author in particular who, in recent years, has contributed to giving Norwegian literature a prominent position in the world, it is Karl Ove Knausgård. He has developed and challenged the definition of reality-based fiction through the six volume work My Struggle (Min kamp). We are proud to have him on stage along with the internationally renowned magazine editor John Freeman. They will speak about Knausgård’s literary production and his work on the current exhibition and book about Edvard Munch.

As if this were not enough, we will be treated to readings by Max Porter, Andrew McMillan and Claire-Louise Bennett, the créme de la créme of young British literature, accompanied by the prize-winning Norwegian jazz musician Ellen Andrea Wang. We are certain that this will be a memorable evening. Hosted by Selma Lønning Aarø!

When:Thursday 1. June at 19:00
Price:350,- kr
Info:Awarding of the Fiction Translator Fund’s Prize
Info:Book sales and signing
Info:Portions of the programme event will be in English


Hans Herbjørnsrud

Hans Herbjørnsrud (b. 1938) grew up in Telemark. He has been both a farmer and an author most his life. His home at Herbjørnsrud has a sentral role in several of his novels. 

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Karl Ove Knausgård

Karl Ove Knausgård is a world famous novelist, publisher and  essayist. Over the last few years, his book series, My Struggle, has made him one of the most influential writers in Europe and the US. More >

Lydia Davis

We were looking forward to presenting Lydia Davis on stage at Lillehammer, but due to the Trump crises in the States, she was prevented from attending in person. Instead she will be joining us on screen, from her home in New York.

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John Freeman

John Freeman is a poet, editor and critic. He was the Literary Editor of Granta and now has his own magazine, Freeman’s Own, which publishes new work from some of the worlds leading poets and authors. More >

Max Porter

Max Porter (born 1981) is an author, editor and Book dealer from Great Britain. His first novel Grief is a thing with feathers came in 2015.  More >

Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan’s first book of poetry, Fysical, was published  in 2016. He is one of the sharpest poetic voice in England, at the moment. More >

Claire-Louise Bennett

Claire-Louise Bennett is the author of the short story collection Pond, which, since it was published in 2016, has become a favorite of critics around the word. More >

Ellen Andrea Wang

Ellen Andrea Wang plays the upright bass. She is the leader of the band Pixel, but is currently working  with the Manu Katchés band. More >

Selma Lønning Aarø

Selma Lønning Aarø is an author an a columnist. Since her debut in 1995 she has published several books for grown-ups as well as for kids and youth. More >

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