Human beings and nature

The Raisin King by the Swedish author Fredrik Sjöberg is about the life of the Swedish zoologist and earthworm scientist Gustav Eisen. In the intersection of scientific dissemination and literary biography, he has won both readers and awards. The English sheep farmer James Rebanks has written The Shepherd’s Life. The book is about Rebank’s work managing a farm and upholding a 600-year-old family tradition in the English Lake District. Meet them in conversation with Morten Strøksnes, who, with Shark Drunk (Havboka), served up a Norwegian success in the vital field of non-fiction where human beings meet nature and science meets art. The conversation will be moderated by Hilde Østby.

When:Friday 2. June at 13:00
Where:Café Stift
Price:120 kr
Info:Book sales and signing
Info:The conversation will be in English


Fredrik Sjöberg

Fredrik Sjöberg is a Swedish author, culture writer, critic, translator and biologist. More >

James Rebanks

James Rebanks is the man behind the bestseller The Shepherd’s Life. After his degree at Oxford he returned to Lake District to take over his family farm. He has a world famous Twitter account @herdyshepherd1, with over 80 000 followers. It’s safe to say he is not the average farmer.

  More >

Hilde Østby

Hilde Østby is a non-fiction author. Previously she was a journalist for Dagsavisen, editor at Schibsted and communication chief at the The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers And Translators Association. She now serves as editor to the National Library and as a critic for Aftenposten. In 2013 she published her first novel Leksikon om lengsel. More >

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