Mother and father in Goa

The Indian author Jerry Pinto and Norwegian Ivo de Figueiredo both have Goan backgrounds, a region in India that has been heavily influenced by Portugal. These two authors have had different upbringings and different types of families but they both write within the genre known as narrative non-fiction. While their roots maybe Goan, they reside in dramatically different countries – how does this influence their memoirs and the way they write about family relationships.

Through the conversation between Jerry Pinto and Ivo de Figueiredo the stage is set for a meeting that spans time, place and literature.

The conversation will be moderated by Karin Haugen.

When:Wednesday 31. May at 14:00
Where:Lillehammer Bibliotek
Price:120 kr
Info:Filmed by the Norwegian TV school
Info:The conversation will be in English


Jerry Pinto

Jerry Pinto is a poet, novelist and journalist living in Mumbai. His latest book EM and the big HOOM, is about growing up in Goa as a catholic with a mentally ill mother. Amithav Ghosh wrote about the book: “Em and The Big Hoom is a profoundly moving book: I cannot remember when I last read something as touching as this.” Jerry Pinto will stay at Bjærkebek in May, and he will have a leading role during the festival.     More >

Ivo de Figueiredo

Ivo de Figueiredo was born in Langesund in 1966. He is a cand.philol. specializing in history and has published numerous articles regarding the period of Norwegian occupation, the Nasjonal Samling and the Norwegian settlement after the 2nd World War. His breakthrough work was the 2002 biography Fri mann. Johan Bernhard Hjort – en dannelseshistorie, for which he was awarded the Brageprisen. After this, de Figueiredo, started on his epic Ibsen biography, published in two voloumes: Henrik Ibsen. Mennesket (2006) og Henrik Ibsen. Masken (2007). More >

Karin Haugen

Karin Haugen is a Norwegian literature expert, journalist and editor.  Haugen is currently the editor of Bokmagasinet, a section of the newspaper Klassekampen. She is also a member of the editorial staff of the publisher, Manifest Forlag. More >

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