Queer and inflammatory

When the film Fire was first shown in India in the 1990s, it created something of a commotion, not just because it tells the story of a lesbian relationship, but also because the relationship occurs within an Indian Muslim family. Since that time, the film has become a classic for the queer population of India, in the face of censorship and sabotage. As an introduction to the film, South Asia expert Ida Birkvad explains how this groundbreaking work functions within the queer-art genre in a part of the world where publicly living one’s homosexuality is taboo.

When:Wednesday 31. May at 12:00
Where:Lillehammer Kino
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Ida Roland Birkvad

Ida Roland Birkvad is a research assistant at PRIO. She works with projects relating to South-Asian politics and minority-issues, as well as issues related to non-western feminism and distorted political theory. More >

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