It’s not often that Morgan Kane, Kristin Lavransdatter, Per Waglen and Lensmann Geissler are mentioned in the same sentence,but when the five musicians and the composers of Majorstuen were challenged to use literature as inspiration for creating new music, they decided to employ the entire range, from modern pulp fiction to classical works, as a starting point.

Majorstuen has played close to 300 concerts in 30 countries and, through its exploratory and playful stage expression, has set a new standard for how folk music can be shared with a broad audience. In SKRIBLE Majorstuen takes the audience on a literary jaunt with highly musical stops along the way!

Contributing artists: Synnøve S. Bjørset, Tove Hagen, Jorun Marie Kvernberg, Anders Löfberg and Bjørn Kåre Odde.

When:Sunday 4. June at 18:00
Where:Kulturhuset Banken, Festsalen
Price:300 kr



Majorstuen have played almost 300 concerts in 30 countries and through their exploratory, yet playful, performances have set a new standard for how folk music can be conveyed to a wider audience.  They have delighted audiences from the smallest country pub to Parisian culture houses, and are recognised for their particular sound, their good audience interaction and their love of playing.

Their debut album was awarded the prestigious Spellemann Prize and, since then, have released six albums and recieved many More >

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