Grief is the thing with feathers

When editor and bookseller Max Porter’s debut novel Grief is the Thing with Feathers was published in 2015, the reviewers were uncertain what they had before them, but they agreed that it was smashing. The book, now available in Norwegian, is about grief and about being left behind. By mixing genres and voices, and borrowing from other literary sources on the subject, Porter has tailored a work that in a wholly unique fashion succeeds in describing the painful, frightening and absurd dimensions of the experience of losing a loved one. Max Porter meets Ellen Sofie Lauritzen in conversation.

When:Friday 2. June at 11:00
Where:Elephant Kunsthall
Price:120 kr
Info:Book sales and signing
Info:The conversation will be in English


Max Porter

Max Porter (born 1981) is an author, editor and Book dealer from Great Britain. His first novel Grief is a thing with feathers came in 2015.  More >

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