The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox is a precious gem of a film that has been received with great enthusiasm by a large international audience due to its originality and warmth. Just one out of a million lunch boxes in Mumbai’s 120-year-old lunch box system is delivered to the wrong address. The Lunchbox is the story of this single mistaken delivery. Saajan, played by Irrfan Kahn, known from critically acclaimed films such as Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi, is ready to leave Mumbai, the city that has turned his hair white and crushed his dreams, when he receives the lunchbox with a note from Ila, a young housewife from the conservative middle class. Through the delicious food and notes in the lunchboxes, they develop a relationship and an imaginary world as a shelter from their own everyday prisons, and the busy streets of Mumbai – an imaginary world so seductive that it threatens to take over their actual lives.

The Lunchbox won the prestigious Critics Week Viewers Choice Awards in Cannes 2013.

When:Thursday 1. June at 18:00
Where:Lillehammer Kino
Price:100 kr
Info:Organizer: Lillehammer kino
Info:The film is in English
Info:Ticket sales at Lillehammer kino

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