Welcome to Bollywood! Jodhaa Akbar

A rare opportunity to experience an authentic Bollywood film in Lillehammer. We will show the critically acclaimed film, Jodhaa Akbar, from 2008, a romantic drama based on actual events from the 16th century. The famous actress Ila Arun plays Akbar’s wet-nurse and foster-mother Maham Anga, the role is said to be one of her very best performances as an actress.

The context of the love story is a politically motivated marriage of convenience, arranged to form an alliance between two cultures and religions. King Bharmal of Amer marries off his daughter to Emperor Akbar. When Akbar enters into this strategic marriage, he is not aware that, in an attempt to strengthen the relation with the Rajputs, he is also setting out on a new journey – a journey of love. Jodhaa Akbar is a monumental, character-driven costume drama. Every scene is a pleasure for the eyes, with a wealth of detail seldom experienced at the cinema.

When:Wednesday 31. May at 18:00
Where:Lillehammer Kino
Price:100 kr
Info:Introduction in English by Ila Arun
Info:Organizer: Lillehammer kino
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Ila Arun

Ila Arun is an Indian Actress, TV-personality and singer. She hosted the Ibsen Festival in Mumbai, establishing connections here in Norway. Her most recent hit was from the soundtrack to the Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire. More >

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