The entire program will be released on 4 April 2017.
For some events ticket sales commence before this date.
Follow along on the web pages, eBillett (eTicket), the App and on Facebook for the latest news.

How to buy a ticket
Ticket sales start on 4 April 2017 (except a few exceptions that is released earlier) To purchase an e-ticket you have several options:
1.    Click Programme 2017 to the right and find the relevant programme entry. Select “buy ticket”.
2.    If you have a smartphone you can download the app “eBillett” (eTicket) and enter Norwegian Festival of Literature (Norsk Litteraturfestival) as place. Buy the ticket.
3.    Find Norwegian Festival of Literature on Facebook and click on the symbol for eBillett (eTicket).
4.    Click here for tickets via the web.
5.    Buy a ticket at the festival bookstore Gravdahl Bokhandel on the street Storgata in Lillehammer.
6.    Buy a ticket at the festival Office (open 29 May – 4 June 2017).
When you are going to attend an event you present your electronic ticket on your cell phone or A4 hard copy.

(If you don’t have your ticket with QR-code you can retrieve your ticket at the festival Office using your credit card number.)
Some individual tickets will be sold at the entrance to ALL events. Arrive early. Most of the tickets cost NOK 120, with the exception of larger performances and free events.

Festival pass
The festival pass and day pass for 2017 are available now. Remember to trade it in for a wristband at the festival office during the festival. Passes are valid for entrance to all official festival events, with the exception of filled to capacity venues. Makes sure to arrive 20 minutes early, or to buy an additional service charge of NOK 10 to ensure entrance to an event.
The day pass can be purchased for a day of your choice and is traded in for a wristband on the day in question at the festival office. A festival pass is valid for the entire festival.


Entrance for children under 16 years of age free of charge except where otherwise specified.
Certified companions
Entrance for companions is free of charge upon presentation of approved companion certification. The accompanied individual purchases a standard ticket. The ticket and certification are to be presented at the entrance to the event.
Students have a 50% discount on the festival pass.

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